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Unstable weather tied to ‘Al-Sarayat’ season
May 1, 2016, 8:34 am

Weather forecaster at the Kuwait Meteorological Department Yasser Al-Bloushi disclosed that the ‘Al-Sarayat’ season normally occurs during this time of the year due to which the country experiences unstable weather conditions.

Al-Bloushi declared that the period is synonymous with high degree of cloud cover, dusty winds and possible rainfall that could be thunderous in some areas.

He said the country is currently affected by low temperature and relatively warm southerly winds and moderately light southeasterly winds, which can sometimes cause dust to rise at intervals.

He explained that the weather is likely to be fully or partly foggy with chances of scanty rainfall that could turn thunderous later in the day.

He forecasted that the minimum temperature will range from 21-26 degrees and the sea tide will be moderate at around 2-5 feet height.

Source: Arab Times

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