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Upcoming missing Kuwaitis UN report to achieve huge progress - UN official expects
November 19, 2014, 8:29 am
The head of the UN Mission in Iraq Nikolay Mladenov.

The head of the UN Mission in Iraq Nikolay Mladenov said he expects an upcoming report to the Security Council on Kuwait's missing persons and its national archive would achieve huge progress.

The unavailability of immediate results should not be the only scale success is measured, as relations between Iraq and Kuwait are currently in their best condition, he said in his current report to the Security Council.

The efforts of the UN mission in Iraq (UNAMI) - that he heads - should also be taken into consideration, he added, along with Iraq's commitment to the matter, particularly on the missing person's affair.

Over the past four months, as was the case during the past 13 months, the Iraqis have shown their unwavering commitment to searching for the Kuwaiti missing individuals, he said.

He suggested that the passing of time and the difficulty in remembering events, when taking into account incidents that took place 23 years ago, were obstacles.
These efforts, including digging up trenches and collecting information from eyewitnesses and inspectors, have been ongoing despite the tiresome security situation, he concluded.

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