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Valid residence ‘Iqama’ must for burial
February 9, 2017, 8:29 am

Member of the Municipal Council Dr. Hassan Kamal supports the proposed service fee for the burial of expatriates in Kuwait, reports local daily.

The lawmaker said the proposal is acceptable, especially as a small amount will be charged for the service and does not include the sale of the final resting place. He added the deceased person should be a valid residency holder and the fee can be collected through the sale of stamps.

He added the reason behind the proposed burial fee is to improve the service and hire laborers for washing the bodies, and undertakers. He indicated the fee will be paid by the embassies of the deceased people and not the low-income earning expatriates.

MP Kamal rejected the idea of allocating a special graveyard to expatriates but said it’s possible to designate specific areas of the graveyard to specific communities.

Source: Arab Times

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