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Vedi buried in New Delhi, next to his wife grave
August 28, 2013, 11:51 am

The mortal remains of ICC chairman H S Vedi was interred at the Christian cemetery in New Delhi amidst huge gathering of his family, friends and relatives this afternoon. In deference to his last wishes, Vedi was buried next to the grave of his wife Lesley as per the Christian custom.

Chairman of Delhi Cemetery Father Rebello who led the funeral prayers recalled his association with Vedi and said he was a noble soul full of humility. "He was a frequent visitor here and even when he was sick he used to come on a wheel chair."

Paying rich tribute to Vedi, Fr Rebello said that he treated even the lower rung staff with honour and dignity as he held senior officials.  “This reflected the greatness of this man who despite achieving so much in life remain attached to the ground”

In his brief address India Islamic Cultural Centre President Sirajuddin Qureshi said the death of Mr Vedi has made humanity poorer “ Believe me such genre of people are going out of our midst and to fond their replacement is impossible”

Qureshi said that his fighting spirit was incredible and his spirit never dwindled even in the midst of adversity/“Even when he was languishing in pain with cancer I always saw Vedi in a fighting spirit”.

Several leaders offered their condolences in messages to the bereaved family including Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Minister for Food processing Tariq Anwar, former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, Rajya Sabha MP Renuka Chowdhary and many others.

Among those who attended the funeral including Election Commissioner Dr Nasim Zaidi, Former Additional Commissioner of police Qamar Ahmad, IBC Advisor Saulat Ali Khan, senior journalist S A H Rizvi, businessmen Kelly, Pammi Chaddha.

Vedi died in Kuwait on August 24 at the Amiri hospital after a protracted battle with cancer.  His body arrived in New Delhi this morning by Kuwait Airways flight

It was in the autumn of 1964, Lesley Gibbins a Catholic Christian and a young Harbhajan Singh Vedi, a Mona Sikh, met for the first time in New Delhi. Their meeting grew and they fell madly in love with each other. Overcoming conservativism, they got married only to find family acceptance later.

For Vedi, Lesley was the lady luck and for her, he was always the prince charming. Their love bore fruit in the form of three beautiful children. All along their lives religion never came their way; it was just love and caring for each other.

In 2004, Lesley fell sick and diagnosed with cancer in an advanced stage. Vedi virtually broke down and took recourse to special bhajans and prayers in Church for his wife for the first time. But Lesley lost the battle with cancer in December end of 2004.
For Vedi life came to a standstill. He brought her to India and as per her wish buried her in a Christian cemetery on her mother tomb. Every time when Vedi used to come to India, his routine was a visit to the cemetery and staying alone for long hours with his wife
“My wife has gone on a long sleep” he would often say. He not only got the grave of his wife renovated but decorated the entire passage with flowers, marble floorings and trees.

Vedi took a conscious decision, bought a space for himself in the cemetery next to his wife as his own resting place for future.
Today as his mortal remains arrived from Kuwait, Vedi was not cremated but buried in a Christian cemetery in deference to his wish, next to his wife Lesley. A new love story will perhaps unveil in a new world where Vedi would once again meet his waiting Princess and this time forever.

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