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Vehicles' inspection by private companies prove to be successful experience
December 29, 2013, 9:49 am

Cars' mechanical inspection and issuance of ownership papers by private companies, under supervision of the Ministry of Interior, has proven to be a successful experience within framework of privatizing public services.

Privatization of these services provide motorists with more options and alleviate the government personnel work burden. Bader Al-Otaibi, the chairman of a company specialized in autos' mechanical inspection, said the new sector is capable of performing the required tasks with high efficiency, with employment of state-of-art devices, thus facilitate work, sparing time and energy.

These private companies are highly reliable, having accumulated an experience of tens of years, thus the state traffic department depends on the assessment of these companies, he said.
This experience has proven successful and has given Kuwaiti youth the opportunity to work and develop, he said.

These companies undertake various tasks, such as vehicles' mechanical inspection, tickets' fees payment, insurance and issuance of autos' papers. The Ministry of Interior accreditation of such companies has resulted in expansion of this sector and has lured more entrepreneurs with new and creative services, such as delivery of cars to the company workers outside customers' homes.

Ahmad Ismail, a customer, said while waiting for his car's examination that he had chosen the inspection by a private company due to the short duration. Hassan Abkhat, another client, said he selected this kind of service because he used to go to several buildings to finalize his car's papers.

This service by the private sector trim bureaucratic proceedings and centralize the paper work for token fees, Abkhat added.

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