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Vigilant Kuwait keeps tab on Qaeda remnants, IS supporters - Strict check on citizens coming from Iraq, Syria
September 16, 2014, 8:45 am
Policemen issued over 1,500 citations, seized almost hundred vehicles in massive crackdown in three governorates on Monday.

The security authorities in Kuwait are determined to keep a tab on what it called the remnants of al-Qaeda organization and/or those who sympathize or support the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the so-called Islamic State, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily added, this has become evident in Kuwait since the security authorities continue to get reports on the spread of this trend among the citizens and a testimony of this is the sermon delivered in Jahra last Friday by one of the preachers.

According to security sources three Kuwaitis who allegedly sympathize with ISIL or DAESH were whisked for interrogation.

The ministry, the daily said, has formed many security teams in all governorates of the country to follow up the activities of some people who tend to belong or intellectually or financially support this terror organization.

The daily quoting reliable sources said the ministry teams receive daily reports on people who tend to support this organization, the members of whom are the remnants of al- Qaeda network. Interior Ministry sources have said the ministry will not be lenient in dealing with such people because the core issue is the security and safety of the nation.

 Traffic campaign for Hawally Road Traffic Section Led to 687 Violations and 110 Vehicles Were Seized

Within the strategy of the Interior Ministry and its ongoing efforts to maintain the security and safety in all areas and within the framework of the procedures and intensive security tasks in cooperation with the Concerned Ministry Bodies, the Traffic Department of Hawally Road Traffic Section launched a traffic radar campaign and inspection points in Hawally governorate range.

This campaign resulted in giving out( 687) traffic violations (including (183) direct violations for high speed ,(145) for violating the security and maintenance conditions and (359) variable violations) as well as (3) persons were referred to the Competent Authority for their possession of narcotic substances.

Furthermore, this campaign was carried out under the directives of the Assistant Undersecretary of Traffic Affairs Maj. Gen. Abdullah Al-Muhanna and supervision of Director of Traffic Department of Hawally Governorate Brig. Ali Al-Deehany and with the attendance of the Acting Head of Hawally Road Traffic Section Lt. Col. Badr Al-Qatan.

Moreover, the Traffic Department confirms on the continuation of its campaigns in order to eliminate the grave violations and contribute in protecting the lives of vehicle drivers of citizens and expatriates to get rid of all the negative phenomena.

Finally, the Security Media Department urged the vehicle drivers to follow the traffic ethics, rules and signage in order not to fall in any traffic violations and protect the road users and public properties especially the effects resulting from the traffic accidents.

The sources went on to say the authorities have put under the microscope who are allegedly known to finance this terror organization or those who encourage youth to join it. The daily added, the authorities will spare no efforts to put these men behind bars.

The sources also say all social networking websites are being monitored by the Ministry of Interior to uproot terrorism from this land. The sources also said orders have been issued to screen all Kuwaiti suspects arriving from Iraq and Syria and refer them to the judiciary.

Meanwhile, the daily added the Interior Ministry has issued instructions to establish check points at several vital places in all governorates and also near entrances to vital installations and surrounding areas to combat terrorism.

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