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Violators of disabled parking law punished
January 3, 2017, 10:57 am

The Interior Ministry’s General Traffic Department started enforcing punishments according to the stricter new parking laws from 1 January, and the campaign caught several violators. Article 63 of law number 8/2010 states that people using the parking spots allotted for disabled persons would receive a one-month jail sentence and/or a KD 100 fine. 

Many traffic campaigns were organized in areas around Kuwait, and the traffic department issued 104 traffic citations broken down into 21 in Farwaniya, 15 in Ahmadi, 21 in Hawally, 10 in Mubarak Al-Kabeer, 20 in the Capital and 17 in Jahra. The ministry’s Relations and Security Information Department issued a statement yesterday warning drivers that repeated offenses could see their driver’s license suspended for a month and his/her vehicle impounded for two months.

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