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Visit to Kuwait unveils mutual interest in boosting co-op - Italian Navy Admiral
April 12, 2014, 8:06 am

Commander of Italian Navy Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi has cheered the extraordinary success of Italian navy flotilla's recent visit to Kuwait as a part of a multi-leg overseas tour to give a push to relation and cooperation with navies of friendly countries.

"Warm welcome and great attention the flotilla received in the visited ports, especially in Kuwait, showed the importance of this successful initiative," Admiral De Giorgi told KUNA, late Thursday, on the occasion of the flotilla return to the homeland.

He went on to say that the special hospitality from state officials, media, dignitaries and ordinary people in Kuwait embodied "the mutual and common interest in boosting bilateral cooperation and partnership".

De Giorgi pointed out that the big number of the flotilla warships and its contribution to Kuwait's air defense exhibition showed Italy's interest in strengthening relations with Kuwait.
"This navy diplomacy has proved effective in promoting the spirit of solidarity and friendship between the two countries, especially after Kuwait liberation war," he told KUNA.

De Giorgi also stated that the visit provided a great opportunity for direct talks with Kuwaiti officials. The Italian flotilla which visited Kuwait included the crown jewel of the Italian Navy and its newest aircraft carrier Cavour, the newest Italian frigate Bergamini, the patrol vessel Comandante Borsini and the supply ship Etna.

Over five months of sailing, the flotilla visited several Arab Gulf and African countries in a mission to enhance military relations with friendly countries as well as to promote Italian military industry.
On each leg of the tour, during which the flotilla stopped over in the ports of important cities such as Jeddah, Gibuti, Abu Dabhi, Kuwait City, Doha, Dubai, Monbasa, Maputo, Cape Town, Dakar, Casablanca and Algiers, a series of activities, events and conferences had been organized in addition to official meetings with the institutions and local partners.

The main ship in the flotilla was the aircraft carrier Cavour which has a standard displacement at full load of 27,100t, an overall length of 244m and a sustained speed of 27kt.
The carrier's runway is 180mØ£—14m with a 12Ø¢° ski jump. It can accommodate up to 1,210 people on board, including the ship's crew of 451 and 203 aircrew.

It is able to carry out the functions of an aircraft carrier as well as the transport of wheeled and tracked vehicles, for both military and civil missions. The aircraft hangar can accommodate 100 light vehicles or 24 main battle tanks for amphibious missions. The ship can also support four LCVP landing craft. There are two 30t elevators for aircraft and two 15t elevators for armaments.

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