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Vital official papers found in cargo for export
April 13, 2015, 10:56 am

After the customs officers at the Shuwaikh Port confiscated some ‘official papers’ from a cargo containing used paper, the State Security officers summoned the owner of the cargo before the cargo left the port for India, reports a local daily.

During interrogation the Kuwaiti owner said, he has a contract with a company in India to supply paper for recycling and produced the contract papers. He also told the authorities his workers collect papers from various locations all over the country and that the workers are unaware of the importance of papers. The Kuwaiti was released after interrogations but the State Security officers in cooperation with customs officers searched the entire container and found old documents and files and copies of military IDs. Some of the papers belonged to the Citizenship and Passports Department of transactions which were completed several years ago.

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