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WCD to obtain devices that can detect hidden arms
May 15, 2016, 8:57 am

Director of Weapons Collection Department affiliated to the General Department for Criminal Investigations Brigadier Abdulrahman Al-Saheel has warned the people of Kuwait against possessing unlicensed weapons, revealing that the department will soon obtain devices that can detect weapons that are hidden underground or inside a vehicle, reports Al-Rai daily.

He indicated that these devices can even detect a hidden weapon inside a passing vehicle, affirming that the use of these devices will be a step forward in the process of confiscation of unlicensed weapons and will enhance the performance of the department in this regard. Brigadier Al-Saheel explained that the department, from the time it was launched one year ago, filed 220 cases against those who possessed or traded in unlicensed weapons.

About 107 of these cases were filed during the first quarter of the year 2016. All of the suspects were referred to the Public Prosecution. He revealed that inspections campaigns were held during which 285 weapons and 2 tons of ammunitions were confiscated, affirming that such campaigns will continue to be held relentlessly. Brigadier Al-Saheel revealed that 40,000 licenses for possession of weapons have been issued in Kuwait including 28,000 licenses of existing weapons and 12,000 requests for purchase of new weapons, indicating that about 16,000 expired licenses will not be renewed.

He said some individuals who own licensed weapons were discovered to have illegally sold their weapons after which they claimed they lost them. They will be referred to the Public Prosecution if they are able to prove that they lost their weapons.

Source: Arab Times

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