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Wanted IS member arrested in Mangaf
August 9, 2015, 8:24 am

A 30-year old Kuwaiti member of DAESH, identified as Abu Hudaifa Al-Kuwaiti, was killed under mysterious circumstances in the district of Sharqat, reports Al-Shahed daily. According to a security source in Salahuddin in Iraq, the death was reported by an official from the Information Office of DAESH. The source explained that Abu Hudaifa Al-Kuwaiti was the engineer who filmed clips of the attack at the Baiji refinery. He had arrived at Sharqat nearly four months ago and was specialized in uploading videos of DAESH across websites on the Internet.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen identified as H.A, who is wanted by the State Security Department for his affiliation to DAESH was arrested by Ahmadi detectives at a security checkpoint in Mangaf area, reports Al-Qabas daily.He has been referred to the State Security Department for investigations and necessary legal action against him. In related news, a GCC national in his early 30s, who works for the military in his country, has been detained by State Security Department for intensive investigations based on suspicions that he entered the country to carry out a terrorist act, reports Al-Anba daily. According to sources, the young man entered the country in possession of materials that could be used to carry out terrorist acts.

During interrogations, the officers discovered that the suspect entered the country in the early hours on Friday and was arrested in Jahra at noon. He said his car was not inspected at the border check post but he was seized after the doorman reported him to police. The suspect insisted that he is not targeting any places of worship and the materials found in his possession need preparation and experts to be ready for use. In other news, police have arrested a Kuwaiti for consuming alcohol and disturbing police, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to security sources the drunkard called the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior and said his brother had links with DAESH and promotes the group’s thought. When police rushed to the location in Al-Rihab they found the caller was high on alcohol. Police are looking for unknown individual who was driving a 4WD vehicle carrying Saudi number plate in a suspicious manner around a well-known commercial complex, reports Al-Rai daily. According to sources, when police approached him, he sped away. Even though he was chased, he managed to escape.

Source: Arab Times

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