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Wanted criminal arrested over car theft
April 4, 2016, 8:42 am

A Kuwaiti man filed a complaint at Jahra Police Station against an unidentified person who allegedly stole his car, which was parked in front of his house in Ishbiliya on Friday. He provided police with a detailed description of his car that was discovered Saturday night while a team of officers from Jahra Security Directorate was patrolling in Saad Al-Abdulla.

The suspected thief tried to knockdown the securitymen with the car and he fled from the scene. During the escape, the suspect hit a patrol car and then he got out of the car as he tried to run away on foot but the officers chased him. Upon checking his identification documents, the securitymen found out the suspect is a is 20-year-old Saudi who was in an abnormal condition with two rolls of hashish and some other narcotics in his possession.

His security records also showed that he is wanted by law for evading five-year imprisonment and deportation for his involvement in an undisclosed case. He was referred to the Drug Control General Department (DCGD) for legal measures and then he will be transferred later to the Farwaniya Criminal Investigation Department for interrogation on the car robbery.

Source: Arab Times

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