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War declared on bachelors living in family home areas
November 13, 2014, 8:38 am

The concerned government authorities have declared war against bachelors living in private residential areas in a bid to ward off the corresponding social, demographic and security risks. The authorities decided to take necessary procedures to end the phenomenon and provide alternative solutions to residents of affected buildings, reports a local daily.

Minister of Communications and Municipality Affairs Essa Al- Kandari has affirmed that authorities will no longer handle such violations with levity, so the ministry will implement the law against bachelors living inside family accommodations.

He observed the idea of bachelors living in private residences is a time bomb ticking in certain areas, so the Municipality is determined to address the issue. Al-Kandari made the statement when he presided over a meeting with governors and representatives of several government agencies to work out modality for activating decision of the Council of Ministers prohibiting bachelors from living in private residential areas. He said some areas in Farwaniya Governorate have become dangerous; not to mention additional burden on services and infrastructure, as well as the worsening traffic problem. He added the the Cabinet is keen on activating roles of the governors to deal with the situation.

He revealed the government intends to amend Municipality Law Number 5/2005 as part of the priorities to enable the Municipality to cover legislation inadequacies while imposing severe punishments on those who violate building regulations and deter whoever plays with rules and regulations. He urged the concerned authorities to provide alternatives and expedite the construction of workers’ cities as the main key to solve the problem in Jahra, Ahmadi and Farwaniya.

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