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Warrants out on 160,000, travel ban on 55,000
August 30, 2015, 8:39 am

Warrants of search and arrest have been issued against 160,000 Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates for failing to pay off debts.Travel bans have been imposed on 55,000 of them for the same reason, reports Al-Shahed daily. In light of the growing demand for personal and consumer loans and the recent hike in the prices of some goods and services, more than 75,000 people are likely to borrow again from the banks.

In other news, workers union at the Ministry of Electricity and Water has demanded approval of all rights of employees through the payment of allowances, and fulfilling other demands, reports Al-Qabas daily. Secretary-General of the union Jamal Al-Khaldi said the launch of air ambulance in the ministry was part of the implementation of some demands which the union presented to the senior officials since last year.

He said the demands included setting up clinics in all stations to enable workers get treatment when needed rather than provide air ambulance in emergency cases only. He hopes that clinics will be built across all governorates at locations far from hospitals. He also said the union has presented a request to build supermarkets in some stations where the service is a necessity.

He stated that many other requests made by the union have not been addressed, urging concerned officials to respond positively. He cited pollution and hazard allowance involving a large number of workers and called on the officials to reach out to Civil Service Commission to include all departments that deal with hazardous substances.

Source: Arab Times

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