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Water leak delays planes’ delivery: Kuwait Airways
June 15, 2015, 10:21 am

Kuwait Airways said yesterday it did not receive a leased Airbus A-330, scheduled for delivery last Thursday, because it discovered a water leak in food storage refrigeration units, thus asking the company to fix it. Kuwait Airways requested the fix of the water leakage in line with international standards related to the airplane industry in general and the delivery of aircraft in particular, the carrier said in a statement.

The leasing contract stipulates the arrangement of necessary documents at least a month before delivery time, in addition to testing the plane by carrier’s engineers and pilots, it said. Kuwait Airways pilots carried out a test flight and a water leakage in the food storage refrigeration units was discovered, which forced the carrier’s team to refuse to receive the plane, explained the statement.

Kuwait Airways officials held a series of meetings with Airbus representatives, who acknowledged the malfunction, and the two sides agreed to postpone delivery of the plane until the leak is fixed. The company said most of the international airlines could come across similar problems. It commended the efforts of its team, specifically engineers, who were keen on public funds when they refused to receive the new leased plane which was therefore not registered under Kuwait Airways.

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