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Ways eyed to control negative phenomenon of private tuitions
April 8, 2015, 4:31 pm

The Director of the Mubarak Al-Kabir Educational Zone Talq Al-Haim was recently quoted as saying the educational zone is looking for ways to control the negative phenomenon of private tuitions, reports a local daily. He stressed on his keenness to give teachers space for creativity and freedom inside the classrooms.

Speaking to the daily, he said there are 29 schools in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Educational Zone which have the ISO certificate for recognizing the difficulties in the area of education. He added, it has become inevitable to use the technology in the educational process. He also stressed on the need to develop the curricula to cope with the current age, and said the teachers of the zone have been given computers and soon will be trained on their use after the final exams. He went on to say the zone has 106 schools comprising different educational phases — 30 of them are for kindergarten, 30 for primary stage, 30 for intermediate stage and 15 for the secondary stage, in addition to two for students who have difficulty in learning.

He clarified the schools have been distributed all over the zone based on scientific studies to avoid traffic congestion. Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Bader Al-Issa announced, during his meeting with ambassadors who speak French recently, a plan to teach French in public schools on experimental basis starting from September, reports a local daily. According to the minister, this requires a number of steps like training the teaching staff, drafting the curriculum and laying down a comprehensive plan for teaching the language. He confirmed a committee has been formed to present visions and preparations for teaching French in the seventh grade. 

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