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Weapons black market discovered
May 6, 2015, 1:43 pm

As the weapons collection campaign continues, purchasing a pistol or an AK-47 is still as easy as ever. All it takes is to make three phone calls where you should say “Do you not know someone who has a weapon for sale?” and it will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

The use of the question “do you not know someone?” is not illegal and is seen as a social deal between friends, even if it leads to getting a weapon, which is in violation of the law.

A local daily went through this procedure and we called three people and asked the question: “Do you not know someone?” The result was the discovery of a black market specialized in selling pistols.

This black market had its own bourse, run by ordinary people who are not criminals or part of any arms mafia. As soon as you reach the third call, you will have something similar to a short list that has the type of pistol, its country of origin and most importantly its black market price.

Surprisingly, all of this was discovered with a simple question and in less than 24 hours. The list of weapons and their prices include: Makarov 9mm (normal - made in Russa): KD 150-180, Makarov 9mm (nickel - made in Russa): KD 250, Beretta 9mm (made in Italy): KD 1,500, Glock 9mm (made in Austria): KD 2,000

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