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Weather in 24 hours to be cloudy, possible rainfall
October 22, 2015, 8:52 am

The weather is partly cloudy to cloudy with light to moderate freshening winds, with speed of 15 - 40 km/h with a chance for scattered rain. There is a chance of thunder and a possible rise in dusty winds.

The weather in the evening will be cloudy to partly cloudy with light to moderate north easterly changing to light variable winds, with speed of 10 - 32 km/h, with the possibility for scattered rains that might be accompanied by thunder.

Citizens and residents, particularly car drivers, are warned to stay vigilant and cautions at all-time due to current bad weather condition and low visibility in some of areas in the country. Car drivers must be highly attentive to every distraction in the road that might be caused by strong winds, and follow safety precautions and rules while driving.

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