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Window is open to clear traffic violations in Ramadan
June 20, 2016, 8:33 am

Public Relations and Security Information Department of the Interior Ministry has said the decision to open all blocked traffic violations for 2015 will be effective for one month (in the course of Ramadan).

The decision excludes major offenses such as driving without license and excessive speeding, in addition to violations for 2016. Regarding the payment of fines, statement said violators could pay their fines via the website of the Ministry of Interior or visit relevant departments in all traffic directorates across the governorates, warning violators to settle fines within the first week of opening all closed traffic violations for 2015.

It added the Ministry of Interior collected KD 1,225,895 in traffic fines from June 12-18, urging motorists to pay fines and turn a new page free of violations. It reiterated decisions and measures adopted on traffic issue will serve public welfare while enforcing rules and regulations.

Source: Arab Times

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