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Woman throws out from 3rd floor her ‘illegitimate’ new-born child
March 22, 2015, 11:44 am

An Iranian lady whose mother is a Kuwaiti was arrested for throwing her newborn from the third floor of a building, reports a local daily. According to a security source, the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry received a call that a baby was found in a pool of blood at the court of a building in Salwa area. The baby was alive at the time the rescue team arrived at the scene. He was rushed to a hospital. While investigating the case, detectives found traces of blood on the wall of the building visible from an apartment at the third floor. Armed with warrant, the police raided the apartment and found blood in the bathroom. The Iranian lady admitted the act on the pretext that she was impregnated by her boyfriend, and she threw the baby from window of the bathroom to avoid scandal. She was referred to authorities.

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