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Work permit issuance to be reopened by mid-April
April 9, 2015, 8:39 am

The issuance of work permits is expected to be reopened by mid-April after the new decision related to financial guarantee of KD 250 is implemented, informed sources say. They explained that laborers planning to come to Kuwait to work will have to obtain this financial guarantee. While submitting the application for a new work permit, the employer will have to sign a pledge to present the guarantee because the work permit will not be issued unless that guarantee is presented.The sources revealed that some employers have complained about the amount demanded as guarantee, especially since this amount will be frozen and cannot be used without obtaining permission from the Labor Department.

They requested the concerned authorities to address the banks for reducing this amount. They said Public Authority for Manpower is studying the possibility of exempting fishermen and farmers from this condition of financial guarantee for bringing in new laborers but an official decision has not yet been issued, revealing that the Kuwait Fishermen Union has presented this request.

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