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Work permits continue to be issued following approval
October 24, 2016, 10:13 am

The official spokesperson and public relations director Aseel Al-Mazyad has released a statement saying that the Public Authority for Manpower has not suspended the issuing of work permits and will continue to provide them to various companies according to standard regulations.

She further explained that in accordance with the ministerial decision 747, labor departments will validate work permits that have received approval from the labor assessment section for activities concerning government contracts. In addition, also allowed work permits are  companies fully owned by the government, shareholding companies, hospitals, medical centers, outpatient departments, pharmacies, banks, insurance companies, hotels, private schools, clubs, unions, NGOs, aviation companies, marine lines agents, engineering consultancy offices, law firms, fishing, agriculture, shepherding, press houses, automobile agents, opticians, money exchangers, universities and institutes approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE).

Mazyad added that following the decision, work permit committee has the authority to issue permits for companies listed on the KSE, rental companies, companies approved by the municipality and CTC, closed and holding shareholding companies, international brand agents, domestic healthcare companies, companies specialized in firefighting, travel agents licensed by the civil aviation department, spas, shopping malls, cinema houses, department stores and crafts.

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