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Worker absent from work for 15 days is sacked
April 18, 2015, 8:12 am

The court ruled that if an employee does not report for work for 15 consecutive days or 30 days intermittently without a valid reason, he will be terminated due to the unauthorized absences and will not be entitled to his salary.

Speaking on the sick leaves of employees, Director of Fatwa and Legislation Department Judge Salah Al-Mesa’ad disclosed that the court ruled on petition number 1598/2003 received from the Ministry of Health and Civil Service Commission through the Public Prosecution. He said the verdict created precedence for public sector employees. He explained that if an employee is absent without going through proper channels or did not attest the sick leave from the Medical Council, the concerned department can terminate his services based on Article 81 of the Civil Service Regulation.

Also, the court granted indemnity, social security entitlements, allowances and fuel cards to about 150 judges. Case files indicate the Fatwa and Legislation Department filed an appeal on the payment of the above privileges to the judges. This ruling is based on decision of the Supreme Judicial Council number 2/2011 which established the Social and Health Welfare Fund, indemnity and other entitlements.

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