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Worker killed in crane collapse
March 25, 2015, 11:31 am

A heavy duty crane collapsed when its steel cable snapped, killing an Indian worker and injuring an Egyptian. Sulaibkhat fire center handed the injured to paramedics, while the deceased was recovered by criminal evidence personnel.

The incident is the third construction site accident in Kuwait in the past two weeks. One man died and four others were injured when the roof of a mosque under construction collapsed in Sabah Al-Ahmad last week. And nearly a week earlier, a cavein at a building under construction in Salmiya killed two workers and injured three others.

The Kuwait Fire Services Directorate cited lack of safety measures as the main cause in both incidents. The latest incident highlights the need for providing better work conditions for tens of thousands of construction workers in Kuwait, where scenes of unsafe working environments, such as the use of wooden scaffolding and driving heavy duty trucks on top of hills of dirt remain common.

Government response

The Municipality announced yesterday actions that can help guarantee better working conditions at construction sites, starting with canceling the license of any construction work where the contractors violate safety conditions, and referring the violators to the public prosecution. “The municipality authorized the professional practice committee to refer contractors or engineering offices responsible for workrelated incidents to the [municipality’s] legal department for further action,” Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, the municipality’s acting director, said following a meeting with municipality officials yesterday.


Meanwhile, Municipal Council member Abdullah Al-Kandari filed a number of inquiries to the municipality’s executive board concerning the roof collapse of the Sabah Al-Ahmad mosque. Kandari, who is also the chairman of the environmental, reform and development affairs committee, said in his inquiries that the latest incidents follow a trend of work mishaps in Kuwait in the past few years as a result of questionable safety measures taken at the sites. He called for introducing new safety precautions and monitoring measures at construction sites.

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