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Workers pay stolen
May 21, 2015, 2:01 pm

An unknown person broke into the vehicle of a company agent in Hawalli and stole KD 1,000 cash to be used in paying the salaries of employees. The company agent (an Egyptian national) told security operatives that he was surprised when he came out of his accommodation in Maidan Hawalli and discovered the glass of the vehicle had been smashed and the sum he was supposed to deposit in the bank accounts of the employees stolen, so he notified the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior about the incident, and Criminal Evidences Men lifted fingerprint from the car to trail and arrest the suspect.

In a similar issue, a Lebanese national went to Nuqra Police Station and filed a case against an unknown person who broke into his vehicle and stole some CDs, flash memories, and photos of his wife which he had kept in the dashboard. Necessary legal measures have since been taken to arrest the suspect.

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