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Wrong approach being eyed to deal with population imbalance
January 21, 2017, 8:20 am

“Nobody can deny the fact that the population imbalance issue in Kuwait is a serious problem that needs to be solved urgently. However, the recent parliamentary statements in this regard cannot be considered as the right solution, especially since they were aimed at gaining the support of citizens through passionate speeches that have nothing to do with the correct solutions”, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources from the banking sector.

They asked, “Were expatriates compelled to come to Kuwait or did they come against the will of the authorities in order to be dismissed by force in such a manner against their own will?” The sources pointed out the fact that expatriates received “a generous invitation” from the Kuwaiti government and citizens, represented by those who own companies, to come to Kuwait and offer their services. They wondered what alternative measures are available if expatriates, especially the qualified ones, are repelled from the country in such a manner.

In this regard, economic expert Rasheed Al-Bader said the extravagance in establishing cities and offices that need large number of laborers for cleaning and maintenance activities has led to increase in number of expatriates workers in the country.

He indicated that in advanced countries, only one servant is needed to care for about ten houses but in Kuwait, each house has two-three servants. Al-Bader criticized the government’s policy of appointing citizens in the public sector and offering national support subsidy which has led to buildup of Kuwaiti employees in the public sector.

Source: Arab Times

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Irma  Posted on : January 21, 2017 2:04 pm
I totally agree! People have taken advantage of the idea of a housemaid. There is a difference between a Nanny, a Cook & a Maid. A maid is a person that cleans, washes clothes & irons. That's it!! A nanny is a person that helps to take care & supervise a child usually up to the age of 6. After that, the child can usually dress themselves & carry their own books. And the cook, just cooks & washes the dishes for the family.I have seen families use a maid to do all 3 jobs! Perhaps the government should limit each home to 1 maid if they're going to make her do all three jobs. Women in other countries have no help and their children have grown up to be fine contributing members of society.

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