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Yellow Parade lights up Gulf Road to promote compassionate driving
November 13, 2016, 8:39 am

Over 100 yellow cars, buses and motorbikes have lit up Gulf road Saturday to promote compassionate driving like following traffic rules, giving way to others, and being considerate and cheerful on the road.

The Yellow Parade, which coincides with World Kindness Day, aims to spread values of kindness and positivity on the road, Chairperson of Alnowair Initiative, a co-organizer, Sheikha Intisar Salam Al-Ali Al-Sabah told reporters on the sidelines of the carnival.

She pointed out that the event attracted a large participation, state bodies such as the ministries of interior and education, companies and civil society, and hundreds of volunteers.

During the parade, volunteers tried to spread awareness about showing empathy to others on the road and being kind to each other in general by giving way, showing your signals and following traffic rules, Sheikha Intisar said.

"We need to promote such positive attitudes to cut the number of accidents that occur on Kuwaiti roads every day," she said.

This year's parade, which started from Anjafa beach to marine beach on the Gulf road, was more than double in size from last year. Over 100 vehicles and dozens of motorbikes and bicycles and hundreds of supporters charged up with positivity contributed to it.

She noted that the huge number of road accidents and traffic citations unveil lack in cooperation among road users, arguing that kindness values could be a solution to some of these problems.

For his part, Director General of the Public and Media Relations Department at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash commended the parade as a civilized initiative to spread exemplary and good attitudes on roads.

He added that the Ministry of Interior is contributing to the parade for the third year in a row because it inculcates the ministry's cheered values and behavior of drivers and passers-by on the road, warning youth about the dangers of careless driving, impatience and violence.

Al-Hashash estimated the number of road accidents in the first six months of year at 35,695 and the number of road fatalities during the first nine months at 305, down three percent compared with that of the corresponding period of last year. 

Source: KUNA

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