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Young men, women looking for love swindled by magic
November 9, 2016, 9:05 am

A Syrian expatriate has been arrested for swindling a number of young men and women under the pretext of having the ability to perform black magic for improving their love lives.

According to security sources, the General Department of Criminal Investigations received information that a Syrian expatriate has been charging KD 400-KD 1,000 from young men and women to perform black magic.

Immediately, Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Abdulhameed Al-Awadi and Director of General Department of Criminal Investigations Brigadier Al- Sharhan issued orders to launch investigations.

A team of offi cers from the Department of Financial Crimes at the General Department of Criminal Investigations was formed to carry out the investigations. After taking necessary legal measures, an undercover agent was sent to the suspect under the pretext of requiring black magic services in order to force her husband to leave his mistress. She gave fake names. As soon as he started carrying out some rituals, securitymen raided the place and arrested him.

They confiscated tools used for black magic, some herbs, pictures of young men and women and some clothes belonging to his clients. When questioned, he revealed that he has been swindling his clients under the pretext of knowing black magic even though he does not know black magic in reality. He revealed that many of the cases of his clients had ended coincidently in his favor. The suspect was referred with the confi scated items to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

Source: Arab Times

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