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Youthful style tips
February 14, 2018, 4:14 pm

Feeling a little low due to your tired looks, you might be thinking it’s time for a fashion rejuvenation. Here are a few tips to help you look younger without the need for a brand new outfit.

The right color: Black is nearly every woman's fail safe choice, but as your skin and hair tones change, it can start to look a bit severe. Softer colors are usually more flattering on mature skin tones and can bring added warmth to your complexion. Try swapping your favorite clothing items with choices in caramels, silvers and putty pinks.

Lighten up on layers: Piling on the layers is a bad idea. The additional fabric can give you a heavy look, and likely a misshapen silhouette. Stop hiding under accumulated layers that create a blocky form, instead go for smart layering choices to create a flattering structure. Ditto for shoes: step into heels instead of footwear with blocky, square ends.

Find a flattering skirt: Shapeless skirts that cover your ankles can kill your look immediately; instead you can look 10 years younger by ditching the maxi or long grandma skirts. You don’t have to only stick with above the knee skirts to look younger. Everything is in the form. Pleated or pencil skirts are known for introducing some sophistication to your wardrobe,  even if they happen to fall mid-calf – a feminine skirt paired with heels is a very elegant combination.

Stock up on fitted jeans: Nothing ages you like denim that's frumpy or bulges up in all of the wrong places. Avoid the embarrassing mom jeans, and go for jeans that have a modern update with stretchy fabric that's flattering. With the right pair, you'll look younger than ever.

Banish the stretch: Joggers and slouchy pants are comfortable, easy and cozy, but tight and stretchy clothing are not the most flattering as you age. They highlight even the smallest lumps and bumps, and sometimes hang terribly on your frame.  It does not look good at all, and especially lowers the quality of your other clothing items.

Accessorize:  A simple accessory can save an outfit, like a fancy scarf, a single cameo brooch on a jacket or a lovely bandana.  Pick out youthful and modern accessories while avoiding old fashioned prints and patterns. Also, beware of the shape of your glasses: narrow rectangular frames might not be the most modern look right now, so perhaps go for rounded or elegant frames.

Never say no to sequins: Sparkly outfits aren't only reserved for teenage girls. A sequin number can work at any age and give off a youthful appearance, especially when you pick a clothing item in a chic silhouette like a jumpsuit.

Lengthen your legs: Something as simple as choosing the right shoe can make you look younger as long as you pick flattering designs. Look for options with cutouts and open details, and certain styles that create the illusion of extra height.



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