Nizamat Hyderabad offers invitingly good Indian cuisine


Nizamat Hyderabad, the only authentic Hyderabadi restaurant in Kuwait that presents a variety of exclusive dishes from the kitchens of the Nizams, opened its second branch at Salmiya Salam mall on 21 February.

Cooking Hyderabadi dishes, such as the Dum Biryani and Haleem, is regarded as an art form in terms of finesse. The cooking techniques required to produce the authentic taste is a closely guarded secret. When slow cooked on dum, the ingredients cook in their own juices and slowly release their flavors. Under the process, the food retains its flavors, and matures into a rich, wholesome, savory dish.

The restaurant’s Chefs (Ustaads) have several years of experience in the catering and restaurant industry in Hyderabad and UAE, and they have, over the years, perfected the methods of delivering dish after dish of mouth-watering Hyderabadi cuisine.

Apart from Hyderabadi cuisine, Nizamat Hyderabad prepares Mughlai dishes such as the popular Butter Chicken, Chicken Lababdar and Bhuna Gosht. Diners will immediately notice the mellow taste of the Mughali dishes that are very enticing.

Popularized in India by the Chinese community living in Kolkata, Indo-Chinese dishes are today an integral part of the Indian cuisine. Chinese food is often served with rice or noodles, with generous servings of gravy or as a dry item. Reflecting the true taste of the Indian adaptation of Chinese dishes, there are a variety of Indo-Chinese dishes on the menu. The most recommended being the Chinese soups, Manchurian and Schezwan dishes, and the popular Chicken Satay.

Other popular choices are the tandoor items that have become immensely attractive to diners. Sample the range of delicious varieties, from Chicken Tandoori or Fish Tandoori to Malai Kabab and Achari Kabab.

Lastly, round out your great Indian meal with a sweet dessert. Nizamat offers three types of Hyderabadi desserts – Badam ki Kheer (Almond Rice Pudding), Double ka Meetha (bread soaked in milk, sugar syrup and nuts) and Qurbani/Qubani ka Meetha (Dried apricot based dessert).

At Nizamat Hyderabad, discover the simple brilliance of authentic Indian cuisine in a relaxed and casual setting.