A day of fun at the IIT-IIM Alumni Association annual picnic


IIT-IIM Alumni Association, Kuwait, celebrated their annual picnic on 8 February at AIRTEC Desert Camp in Wafra. The event, sponsored by AIRTEC, was attended by a large gathering of enthusiastic members and their families along with their invited guests.

The picnic began with a breakfast before the Annual General Body meeting began.  IIT-IIM Alumni Association President, Peeyush Jain welcomed all those present at the venue and gave an insight into the Association. The Treasurer, Suresh Choksi provided the Statements of Accounts, and the General Secretary, Bhushan Joshi, presented an elaborate account of all the exciting events and programs conducted by the Association in the past one year. He thanked all the hardworking core committee members and promised that with the active support of the members we can scale up the level and quality while increasing the number of exciting events.

He introduced the new Core Committee member, Anis Saif to the members, who thanked the Core Committee and members for giving him an opportunity to serve the Alumni in this new responsible position. M/s AIRTEC not only offered their venue but also provided unstinted full logistic and utilities support for the event. The President, Peeyush Jain, once again, appealed to the younger members to join the Core Committee and support the activities of the Association by volunteering.

Members participated in kite flying and children enjoyed the sporting facilities available at the camp. Professional event manager Ms. Rachana managed the entire show with professional perfection and interesting games involving everyone present. Recondite clue based quiz included technical questions, in addition to women and men games, couple games, and some other innovative games for kids, women and men were arranged to keep the enthusiasm high.

The Core Committee organized the games as per the well-planned schedule with an excitingly large number of prizes open for participants. In between the games, there was ample time for all the members to meet and greet, mingle socially with each other and make new friends. Several new members and guests also socialized with great interest to acquaint themselves and to be a part of this friendly elite get-together. Tree swingers for a change resorted to net swinging thoroughly enjoying and gamboling on it. The game that was far interesting was the mock election campaign with 6 candidates running for elections.

A delicious breakfast, sumptuous lunch and high tea from M/s Winners Restaurant, Mahboula allowed the guests to satiate their appetite. The variety and range of the food satisfied all types of needs – Veg, Non-Veg and other special category.

The grand finale was a game of Tambola and lotto with an interesting twist.  Besides, there were many spot prizes sponsored by AK Modern and the Association. On the sidelines away from the hustle bustle of DJ and the sound system, the men played tug of war. There were also other events like football, and kids enjoyed trampoline. All the winners were congratulated and the senior members present distributed the prizes to them. All the members present went home with at least one gift reserved for each family and the single members.

IIT-IIM Alumni Association, Kuwait is growing day by day with the full commitment and dedication of all the members and the Core Committee. This event was a great success as a large number of members attended, and displayed an abundance of energy and enthusiasm.

Finally, the event ended with a group photo session. Many smiling faces returning with several gifts from the venue that reflected the happiness and satisfaction among the members. This was due to the excellent work by Ashish Jain who took the responsibility of arranging the gifts.

Bal Mukund was instrumental in coordinating all the planning for games. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) are globally renowned premier Indian institutions of higher education in the fields of Engineering Technology and Management. The association can be reached at contact@iitiimkuwait.com or the official website www.iitiimkuwait.com.