A workshop on a positive change in the educational system at ILOA

Indian Learners Own Academy (ILOA), Kuwait organized a special workshop on ‘Positive Change in the Educational System’ for the students of Classes 8 and 9 on 15 April. The guest of the day was the eminent speaker, Syed Sultan Ahmed. The Principal,  Asha Sharma extended a hearty welcome to the guest.

Syed Sultan Ahmed, the Founder of Edu Media, is an Educator, Life-skills Specialist, Publisher of Mentor Magazine and a Film Producer. He has consolidated a range of activities to bring about a positive change in the educational system. He loves to speak to students on key issues such as getting ready for the future, how to prepare the present time and more so in the future.

The focus of the session was laid on creating and learning especially through media and thereby introduced the students to the world of Films. He showed some of the trailers of the movies he had made. Each of them was value based which emphasized on the fact that the values inculcated today could reap rich rewards for one later and it would cost nothing at all to learn and follow them.

The session was very energetic, interactive and informative for the audience. The questions he put forth were real eye openers and a time for contemplation as it made the students realize that it was high time they inculcated good values in addition to what they learn in school.

His key talk was that apart from studies one needs to pursue a hobby that would be fruitful and beneficial. He pointed out that setting a goal and pursuing it at will, would determine how the students will be able to handle their stress.

The students of ILOA promised Mr. Syed that they would induce all these ideas into their daily lives and went home invigorated.