Accessories to enrich your ensemble

If you want to look rich, play with your accessories to add interest to your ensemble. Accessorizing is an affordable way to breathe a new lease of life into your regular clothes. With a few key items, you can also look fancy and fool everyone into thinking you’re a rich girl. Here are the top accessories to have to look rich.

Top-handle mini bags: Be it jeans or an embellished dress, the fancy finishing touch that can spruce up any and every look is a top-handle bag. Mini styles give any ensemble a ladylike air, which immediately makes your overall look appear more expensive.

Beaded Bags: With its beaded exterior, these bags serve as the perfect unique statement piece for any ensemble.

Silk scarves: While pure silk is expensive, sateen scarves offer the same effect. Tie one around your neck or to the strap of your favorite handbag and you’ll look like a high-class girl.

Pearl drop earrings: Pearls may be one of this season’s top jewelry trends. A string of them can sometimes look old fashioned, so opt for drop earrings instead. Worn with a camel knit and neutral shades, they are quite beautiful.

Mock-croc shoes: Commonplace on handbags it may be, but mock croc is fast becoming an It material on shoes too. Mock crock shoes are effortlessly elegant and can be used to add polish to ripped jeans, miniskirts, and floral frocks.

Easy to transition from season-to-season, there are sophisticated styles to work for every season including boots, loafers and mules.

Hair slides: Their appeal of the hair slide is as such: You don’t have to spend hours on your hair to make it look incredible—simply slide one (or five) into your tresses, and you’ll keep up the rich-girl illusion.

Belts:  If your clothes fit okay, it’s easy to overlook a belt, but adding a statement belt can add to your look.  It makes your ensemble feel more put together and highlights your waist in a flattering way, but it also breaks up and adds texture to even the simplest outfit.

Dainty earrings: Layering simple, dainty jewelry is an easy way to add polish and make an ensemble look instantly more expensive. Even if it’s just costume jewelry, a delicate chain or a sleek pair of hoops just feels fancy.

Colorful accessories: Rainbow accessory add-ons are really where it’s at, whether they’re acting as a final layer of fun on top of an already colorful look, or giving a dose of personality to something more monochrome. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking colorful pieces are only fit for more casual days—elevated rainbow accessories are perfect for dressing up jeans and a classic white button-down in a way that feels really chic and modern.