ACHE-MENA and New Mowasat Hospital hosts educational program

New Mowasat Hospital hosted an educational session by the American College of Healthcare Executives – MENA region for the first time in Kuwait. The aim of this program was to share experiences and best practices with healthcare professionals in the hospital. The sessions were attended by healthcare providers, doctors, nurses, administrators and managers from various departments in New Mowasat Hospital.

New Mowasat Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality of healthcare and patient safety in Kuwait. The hospital gives high priority to the learning and professional development of its employees through continued training and education.

With that in mind, and through the initiative and vision of the Management Team at New Mowasat Hospital, members of the American College of Healthcare Executives -Middle East and North Africa region were invited to participate in a day-long educational program which was made of 4 sessions centered around the theme – ‘Innovative Concepts in Healthcare Management’.

Dr. Alexander Varghese – Hospital Director, New Mowasat Hospital stressed that such forums for gathering, learning, sharing experiences and best practices, is what makes the healthcare system in any hospital or region move towards for encouraging truly the best practices.

American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) is an international professional membership association based in the United States of America for leaders dedicated to improving health. ACHE has been in existence for over 80 years with members all over the globe exceeding 45000 who lead hospitals and healthcare institutions. By joining ACHE, one can begin the path to becoming board certified in healthcare management as an ACHE Fellow, a great way to distinguish one-self. ACHE’s mission is to advance its members and healthcare management excellence. ACHE offers great educational programs and networking events.

Founded in 2006, ACHE-MENA is an actively functioning international group based in the UAE, representing over 200 members in the region.  ACHE MENA conducts numerous educational and networking events in the UAE in collaboration with like-minded organizations. These activities support leaders pursuing healthcare management excellence, and also facilitate ACHE members’ advancement to the fellow status.

The speakers for the event were:-

1) Krishnan Sankaranarayana
President of ACHE-MENA and Senior Safety Officer at Tawam Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE
2) Bassam Sayad
Vice-President of ACHE-MENA  and COO for Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center in UAE
3) Dr. Adeline Saliba
Secretary /treasurer of ACHE-MENA and Quality Improvement lead at SEHA Abu Dhabi Health Services
4) Dr. Taif Al-Sarraj
Fellow candidate of A.C.H.E. and Chief of Clinical Support Services at Tawam Hospital, AbuDhabi.

The Innovative Concepts in Healthcare Management discussed were :-

1) Integrating Safety into the Culture of the Organization – a CUSP Approach
2) The Next Wave in Healthcare – Volume to Value
3) Designing Safer Patient Care through Human Factors Engineering
4) Executive Safety Huddle: an Approach for High Reliability

The event concluded with a closing remark by H.R. Director- Khaled Helaly, who thanked the speakers for a wonderful session of learning and sharing. The session was followed by a tour of the hospital facility for the speakers, accompanied by the senior management of New Mowasat Hospital.

The ACHE-MENA leadership appreciated and lauded the efforts of the hospital in bringing together this event and was delighted to have the opportunity to transfer knowledge to an enthusiastic team of healthcare professionals at New Mowasat Hospital.

The exercise and experience was very beneficial and both teams look forward to similar events in the future.