Add luxury to your outfit

Women are always on the hunt for ways to make their everyday ensembles look a little trendier, more polished, and expensive. Here are some tips to perfectly illustrate just how to dress like a fashion queen, without racking up a royal receipt.

Rock all the trends together:  There is no need to settle on just one. Be bold and define your personal aesthetic by blending all your favorite seasonal trends — be it boots, fur coats, or both. You can reinvent your ensemble with a selection of statement blouses, shirts, and bodysuits that pair well with outerwear. Keep it classy without compromising your cuteness via looks that play with volume, color, and texture rather than body-con silhouettes.

Wear more stockings: Sleek stockings make every outfit look more polished. When you want to rock your favorite dress but also want to keep your legs covered up (and leggings just won’t do), an ultra-dense pair of stockings will come in handy. Introduce a stylish edge with a patterned pair with designs such as flowers or polka dots.

Rock a jumpsuit:  Nothing captures the laid-back vibe of spring and summer quite like a jumpsuit. Skip the standard LBD and step into a jumpsuit that is as stylish as it is fuss-free. From sleek going-out options with rad cutouts and plunging necklines to simple, wear-with-anything playsuits, you won’t have any trouble channeling a daring new look.

Sock it up: When properly executed, this look is functional and super classy. The statement socks and shoes combination trend extends beyond the traditional pairing of socks with heels. Think: Birks and slouchy styles, Chuck Taylors and tube socks, ankle strap steppers and glitter-flecked toesies, you get the idea. The sock-as-fashion-item thing might feel too out there for your taste, but it’s surprising versatile. Try leaning into the trend by letting your scrunches peak out above your ankle boots or go with the tonal approach and couple pieces in the same color, giving the illusion they are one complete entity. Fishnet and hosiery type options are also an easy way to dip your toes into the trend , as they are less bulky and feel more heel-friendly. Or you can go full quirky with a textured pair in a contrasting hue. The choice is yours.

Add a pop of rainbow color:  Color is in, and you don’t have to ditch your strict black and denim love affair to dabble in technicolor. Integrate a dash of brightness for a deluxe transformation from even the simplest of get-ups. Reinvent your ensemble with a selection of statement blouses, shirts, and bodysuits that have a hint of brilliant colours.

Go off the shoulder:  When it comes to high fashion, sometimes the simplest details can make the most striking statements. Adding a subtle off the shoulder slouch to your jacket or coat goes a long way.