Al Marsa

This Kuwaiti restaurant has an expansive menu to satisfy your every craving for seafood prepared in the traditional Kuwaiti manner.

In the hot and cold appetizers are standouts such as Shrimps Rocca Salad and Avocado Shrimps Salad, or the Fried Calamari and Baked Crabs.

With a striking presentation and a range of flavors, their main seafood dishes come in fried or grilled, with the fried options including baloolfried, fried zubaidy or the fried shrimps.

The grilled choices include mouthwatering crustaceans as well as Salmon, Subaity (Sea Breem), Seabass or Nagroor, which are cooked to silky tenderness, and served with spicy accompaniments.

Their range of signature dishes also include Shrimp Marak, Lobster Mutabak, Lobster Thermidor, Jumbo Shrimps and Prawn Chilli Marak.

If you love desserts, check out the Balaleet and Mahalabia.

Popular dish: Zubaidy Mutabak

Location: Located at, Le Royal Hotel, Bnied Al Gar, Kuwait City. Call: 2254 9017