American Business Council Kuwait hosts annual Iftar dinner

The American Business Council Kuwait (ABCK) hosted its annual Ramadan Iftar at the Four Seasons Hotel on 21 May. The event, which was sponsored by Boeing Middle East, welcomed members of The Kuwait Disabled Sports Club whose worldwide achievements were recognized on the occasion.

In his opening speech, ABCK’s Vice Chairman Fred Shuaibi, thanked all present and the sponsor for being a strong supporter of ABCK. He also thanked US Ambassador Lawrence Silverman, and the Chairman of the Kuwait Disabled Sports Club Shafi Al Hajeri for attending the event. He then went on to express ABCK’s pleasure to host “club members and amazing athletes who have achieved so much this year”.

Quoting the US President who had recently said: “Ramadan is the time of charity, of giving and service to fellow citizens. It is a time to draw closer as families, neighbors and communities”, the vice chairman added that it was in the spirit of the president’s message that ABCK was hosting this year’s iftar.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Silverman stated: “Ramadan highlights the strong community spirit within Kuwait. I have enjoyed attending many iftars, diwaniyas, and Ghabqas over the past two weeks. I would like to thank ABCK for organizing this iftar and Boeing for sponsoring it. ABCK has had an active calendar of events over the past several months and the embassy looks forward to partnering with ABCK on a terrific line -up of events beginning again in the fall, to help contribute to the growth of the US-Kuwait bilateral trade and investment relationship.”

For his part, Bernard Dunn, president of Boeing Middle East, Africa and Turkey, said:  “Tonight serves as a reminder that kindness, understanding and respect are fundamental pillars to the betterment of any community and that each of us has an important part to play in the country’s development.”

This year’s iftar event welcomed a total of 100 people, including ABCK members, executives, athletes from the Kuwaiti Disabled Sports Club, and distinguished guests. Thanking ABCK for the iftar party, Al-Hajeri added, “Friendship, collaborations and charity are three magic human values. We must work hard to enhance them to lead us to a better world.”