Anotah launches revamped store with Dalalid x Anotah S/S collection

Anotah, a leading regional fashion and lifestyle brand is re-opening with a new concept which features the exclusive Dalalid x Anotah Spring Summer collection now available in stores.

The brand is known for its luxurious mix of richness and subtlety, extravagance and elegance, with one of its largest stores at Souq Sharq Mall. The store is dedicated to showcasing its collections of Anotah Ladies, Teens and Kids, in addition to new arrivals, must haves and stylish outfits in line with global trends. The outlet aims to immerse their customers in their exceptional world of fashion.

This season, ANOTAH’s collection takes its lead inspiration from an electric mix of streetwear and opulent loungewear in fresh, contemporary silhouettes. The collective spirit, which is a central part of the brand, was included in this season’s campaign with multigenerational models representing the diversity built in Anotah.

The collection includes color block in bright, prim shades of candy pinks, imperial to neon yellows with richer tones of teal and orange. Bold photographic prints with a bright mix of geometric scarf prints and eclectic animal patterns make up for the collection’s empowering variety. ANOTAH provides the perfect wardrobe to make a lasting impression.

Anotah has consistently appealed to particular women who are looking to piece together a selection of fashionable outfits with minimal effort and at rea­sonable prices.

The core of ANOTAH’s creativity and allure lies in its observations of and curiosity about the community, society, and cul­ture at large. This pursuit has pushed the brand beyond the physical limitations of shops and encouraged interaction with the varied and different worlds of the women the brand caters to.

ANOTAH has been a part of every walk of their lives and brings together generations of women under one roof. ANO­TAH women can be mothers, daughters, students, entrepreneurs, and from various segments of life. Yet they associate with the brand for many reasons, seasons and occasions in their lives. The women are comfort­able in their own skin and will not let the ensemble define them but give life to the brand’s creation.

ANOTAH defines its brand by the phe­nomenal women associated with it.