Appropriate earrings for your favorite necklines

Many women tend to wear the wrong earrings with their blouses and dresses, which ends up spoiling the entire ensemble. To help you, here is a guide that should help anyone navigate the intricate world of earring and neckline pairing.

Sweetheart necklines: It’s important to mirror the round-ish cut of a sweetheart neckline with the appropriate earrings, so you look cute on all your adventures. Stay away from straight-edge, geometric shapes, like triangles or squares. Instead, opt for pieces that won’t create such stark contrast to your neckline. Also, instead of regular studs, pick studs with rounded edges, as opposed to the 90-degree angles you’ll find on a pair of classic, square-cut diamonds. Always avoid ones with sharp corners. Organic, round shapes are well-known to perfectly complement your sweetheart neckline.

Moreover, you should choose drop statement earrings that perfectly complete the structured frame your sweetheart neckline creates by dropping down toward your shoulders.

Straight necks:  It’s understated enough to play with some fun accessories. Big, bold statement earrings of any kind are perfect for spicing it up a little, but avoid studs, unless you’re trying to draw attention away from the area. They’ll just disappear on a canvas of blank space.

Another thing that works is playful costume jewelry that makes a plain straight neckline just a little more exciting. Statement hoops are also wonderful to add drama and don’t take away from the simplicity of the neckline. Classic hoops with its perfectly round shape also offer a cool complement as does large tassels, which are fun to wear.

V-necks:  One of the most classic and flattering necklines around, a V-neck is pretty much universal. Again, although studs wouldn’t exactly clash with this neckline, they’re definitely not the best choice for appropriately accessorizing this fit. You need something a little bigger, since you’ll have a lot of open chest space with this neckline.  It’s definitely best to go with chunky simple hoops, as opposed to thin and wiry, especially when accessorizing a v-neck with thin straps. If you go too light up top, the whole look will seem disproportionate. Also, such a neckline calls for statement studs earrings that move past the ends of your earlobes so they provide symmetry, geometry and balance. Plus, they create leading lines that draw the eye toward your neck.

Other good options are tassel shoulder dusters.

Crew Necks:  A super-casual neckline calls for drop earrings to provide some excitement. Studs are too boring, and statements are generally too busy. But drop earrings are just right. Instead of regular hoops, opt for drop hoops, which provide some interest and are on the bigger side. The shape should face the front so this adds some excitement to the forward-facing part of your look.

Teeny-tiny drop earrings also add a subtle sparkle to a casual neckline, and they don’t drop down low enough to compete with whatever fabric you’re wearing.