Aquapark Season 2019: Revamped facilities offer new entertainment

Aquapark, which features a completely new look this summer, will offer visitors excitement and entertainment said Mohammed Khourshid, board member and general manager of Aquapark.

Speaking to the media at a press meet held on 28 March at Aquapark premises, Mr. Khourshid said improvements were made to Aquapark to attract even more visitors this year.

Highlighting some of the new attractions for 2019, he pointed to the recently opened ‘Double Back Lash Slide, which he said was now fully operational. “It is a 24-meter tower that drops riders down to give them a thrilling experience,” he noted.

He also said that amenities at Aquapark had been renovated taking into consideration the increased number of visitors and their requirements. Hygiene is a priority for us, said Mr. Khourshid.

“We are also pampering our customers with a range of snack and drink offerings,” he said. Elaborating on this, he revealed that Americana had joined with Aquapark to bring many of their restaurant brands to the water park’s snack offerings.

“There will outlets of Hardees, Baskin Robbins, Krispy Krème, Sbarro, White Café, Fried Chicken and Grilled Chicken & Rice Chicken, as well as Fries & Serve, a new franchise in Kuwait that specializes in serving fries with different flavors. In addition, two ice cream vendors and a new juice shop called Juice Drink, has opened as special attractions this year,“ divulged Mr. Khourshid.

Clarifying on the new law number 105 that stipulates the contract for Aquapark will only be for three years, he stressed, “We respect the law and we will also participate in the bid again. We are looking forward to winning for the next tenure also.”

On the topic of ticket prices, he said, “Under the promotion going on this April, the ticket will cost only KD3.500 instead of the normal charge of KD4.750.” He added, “visitors can purchase tickets from the government co-operative societies at a discounted price. For groups, we have corporate group discounts available for a minimum of 20 people. Private reservations are also accepted on special days.”

He further clarified that the “park will be open throughout the Summer Season until the 1st week of October, from 10am until 10pm every day.”