Arab Information Ministers said they have ‘nothing to hide’

(Right to left) Information Ministers of Palestine Nabil Abu Rudaina, Bahrain's Ali Al-Rumaihi and Oman's Abdulmunem Al-Hosni, then Forum's Secretary General Madhi Al-Khamees at Arab Media Forum.

Ministers of Information taking part in the Arab Media Forum called Sunday for raising ceiling of freedom because “we have nothing to hide.”

Oman’s Abdulmunem Al­Hosni said any human being could become a journalist, and called for assessing the events before making them public. He said an elementary school student could “distort the fact because of the vast space of media.”

Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister and Information Minister Nabil Abu Rudaina said the Arab media have a great role to play to confront “a conspiracy against Palestine.

“The battle now is to defend the Palestinian and Arab identity, as well as religious sites,” he said. Bahrain’s Information Minister Ali Al­Rumaihi said “we have nothing to hide and are ready to answer any question in full transparency.” He said the Arab media lacked scientific analysis and studies “which elighten us about what we suffer from.”