The restaurant presents the full spectrum of Thai flavors in its signature menu with a balanced selection of salads, soups, curries, noodles and tasty sliders.

The Appetizers has dishes like Duck Spring Rolls and Phi Phi Crab that has smooth and crunchy textures. Under the Noodle section are Curry Noodles, which give a spicy kick. The Main Dishes category has a good balance of meats and vegetables, particularly in the Beef Fried Rice, and Chicken Rice, which are richly flavored. Under the Salads, the Beef Salad or Glass Noodles Salad are refreshing and light. The curries may not be much, but there are better options in the Stir Fry, which tantalize the palate like the Chicken Stir Fry and Chilli Prawns Stir Fry. End your meal with a touch of sweetness from the dessert selections, either the Coconut Dome or Fudge Coma.

Popular dish: Chicken Rice

Location: Located at Sharq. Call: 98893566