Around 44 domestic recruitment bureaus suspended due to authorities efforts

State Minister for Economic Affairs Maryam Al-Aqeel.

In part due to the efforts of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) that the domestic workers receive assistance in dealing with challenges faced with their sponsors in various sectors, emphasized the State Minister for Economy Affairs Maryam Al-Aqeel.

Minister Al-Aqeel underscored in a statement that PAM formed a specialized team in the department of domestic workers, which was transferred to the authority last April and distributed across five sectors with a total of 34 employees in charge of following up on cases related to domestic workers.

The sections are made up of administrative support, domestic workers arbitration, inspection, and licensing, and they all perform a number of functions including 22 procedures aimed at protecting the rights of domestic workers and to provide them care, in addition to restoring the rights of employers in case an error occurs through the local recruitment bureaus.

Also, Al-Aqeel indicated “in a friendly agreement, the domestic workers department in cooperation with the admins of various social media platforms managed to bring down advertisements for domestic workers (Maids), such as those that advertised the ‘sale of maid’ or ‘transfer of maid’, in addition to constant follow up on social media and referring violators to the human trafficking department of Interior Ministry. “Kuwait returned a domestic worker to her country immediately it realized that she was underage.

“The decision came after the concerned department learnt about it via a special British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary. The department also continues to issue violation citations to domestic workers recruitment bureaus while suspending their licenses through the Interior Ministry and Manpower Public Authority”, she explained.

She revealed following the campaign, 44 domestic workers recruitment bureaus had been suspended as of June, 2019, and that PAM will persist in pursuing violators in those bureaus and impose financial guarantee on the bureaus or employers or aggrieved domestic worker to reassure their respective rights. It also entails follow up of absconders and referring those refusing to work to the domestic workers shelter where their cases will be sorted prior to their deportation.