Around 56,000 work permits deemed illegal cancelled

After assessing and evaluating the accuracy of data with the ministry of interior, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has cancelled more than 56,000 invalid work permits.

Under the law, PAM is mandated to investigate and automatically cancel residence permits if the residence holder spends more than six consecutive months out of Kuwait without approval from the residency affairs department, or if the residence expires and is not renewed, or if the worker is deported.

On a related note, the health ministry has requested the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to sign contracts with 350 new expat doctors to meet the needs of new hospitals, clinics and other medical centers that have opened or will open shortly.

The ministry has reportedly asked CSC to expedite the matter in order to avoid any shortage in doctors needed by medical centers. They said the health ministry will start interviewing doctors from Jordan and Palestine, who are expected to be contracted before the end of the year. Meanwhile, they said the ministry will also sign contracts with doctors from India, and 500 nurses and technicians from India and the Philippines.

On the other hand, the CSC is understood to have informed the ministry of health that any vacancies for administrative posts should be filled by Kuwaitis, especially since there are many nationals registered at the central employment department having certificates in secretarial and administrative specialties.