Around 98,000 Egyptians received work permits for Kuwait in 2018

In 2018, more than 8,000 Egyptians entered Kuwait every month on new work permits, or, on average, 270 Egyptians were arriving in Kuwait each day of 2018 on new visas. According to the latest figures published by the Egyptian Statistical Authority, 98,000 new work permits were issued to Egyptian nationals, in addition to existing permits being renewed for another 132,000.

With a total of 230,000 permits issued for Kuwait in 2018, the country came in second after Saudi Arabia in terms of permits issued to Egyptians to work in Arab countries. The permits for Kuwait also constituted a little over 22 percent of the total work permits issued to Egyptians to work in Arab countries last year. Of the 230,000 permits issued for Kuwait, 221,000 were to males, and around 9,000 to female Egyptians.

The figures also show that among the number of permits issued to Egyptians to work in Kuwait, about 65,000 was given to degree holders, 11,000 were issued to non-graduates, 91,000 to high-school graduates and 63,000 permits were issued to uneducated people.

Numbers on the literacy level of Egyptians entering Kuwait reveal that only 28 percent of the 230,000 people who have been issued or renewed work permits have a university qualification, with the remaining (about three-quarters of the number) divided between average and below or without education.

Saudi Arabia ranked first in the group of Arab countries in terms of permits issued to Egyptians, with 515,000 permits issued in 2018. With 170,000 work permits issued for the first time, and 344,000 for renewed permits, the total figure constituted around 49 percent of the Egyptian work permits issued last year for the Arab countries.