ASEAN Futzal Tournament brings out embassy stars

The 7th ASEAN Futzal Tournament kicked off on Saturday morning with four teams made up of people from three different embassies. The White  Team had people associated with the embassies of Indonesia, Myanmar, and China, Blue Team with embassies of Philippines, Cambodia and Malaysia, Green team with  Vietnam, Brunei and Japan and  Red team with embassies of Thailand, Laos and South Korea. Head of the Sports Committee of Hawally Disabled Club Anwar Al Mutawa graced the occasion.

The sports event commenced with the brief remarks from the Chairperson of the ASEAN His Excellency Dusit Manapan, Ambassador of Thailand to Kuwait and followed by a presentation of token of appreciation to Al Mutawa. Fitness trainers from My lady Gym led the warm up for the whole community.

The tournament lasted two hours and results were 3rd runner up was awarded to the Blue team by the Ambassador of Brunei, 2nd runner up went to the Red team and awarded by the Ambassador of Cambodia, 1st runner up went to the White team and awarded by the Ambassador of Thailand and the champion title was awarded by Al Mutawa to the green team. The Golden Boot award was awarded to Viengsavan Pornwilia form the Embassy of Laos by the Charge D’ Affaires of Indonesia.

Foods from different embassies were available to the crowd who attended the event and with the special participation of seven chefs from CEE Network Kuwait who gave out free samples of pastries and breads to the community. The Thai envoy thanked everyone for coming and participating in the event. Embassies of China and South Korea apologized for not being able to send participants to the occasion.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer