Award-winning South African group to perform in Kuwait

The Embassy of South Africa to Kuwait in collaboration with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) announced a concert featuring Jazz legend McCoy Mrubata, a saxophonist, flute player, music teacher and composer accompanied by his Jazz Music Group.

The Group will present a uniquely South African Jazz performance at the  Al Qurain Festival on Tuesday, 15 January 2019 at  7:30 pm at Abdulhussein Abdul Redah Theatre in Salmiya.

Mr. Mrubata was born in 1959 in Cape Town’s historic Langa Township, South Africa. He grew up with the sounds of African music: the soulful hymns of the Zion Church, the chants and rhythms of traditional healers and the brassy jive of the Merry Macs band who rehearsed opposite his home. McCoy Mrubata is a highly experienced and well-traveled Jazz Music legend who has conducted music workshops and lectures for graduate and postgraduate students at several international universities in Africa, Europe and the USA.

Mr. Mrubata has won a number of prizes including Gilby’s Music For Africa (1991), five-time winner of the South African Music Award for the ‘Best Jazz Album’ category, Angola COCAN Africa Cup Of Nations Competition Ambassador (2010) and Winner of the Kenny Center Gold Medal Award (2018).

The South African Embassy and the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters look forward to seeing you at Abdulhussein Abdul Redah Theatre to enjoy the heart and soul of Africa.