Bachelors living in private residential areas to be denied civil ID

Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has been mandated by the government to deny civil IDs to expatriate bachelors living in private residential and model housing areas. This is the latest step by the authorities to evict bachelors residing in such areas.

Elaborating on the steps taken by the municipality to evict bachelors living in private residential areas, the Director General of Kuwait Municipality, Engr. Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, said that several steps and procedures had been initiated in cooperation with other government agencies to evict bachelors living in violation of municipality rules.

He added that the municipality is launching major projects for the construction of temporary housing for the evicted bachelors. In a video presentation to the ministerial committee set up to monitor the eviction process, Al-Manfouhi explained that the previous government had, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Industry, recommended allocating necessary land for the construction of temporary housing for bachelors working in companies.

Al-Manfouhi also revealed that the Council of Ministers had tasked the Public Authority for Manpower in coordination with all government agencies to allow contracting companies on government projects to provide suitable housing for workers, within the area allocated for the project, until the completion of labor cities.

“Low-income, single expatriates constitute a large portion of society and this has led to the emergence of unorganized and unhealthy housing communities and the transformation of residential areas into areas that are not favored by Kuwaiti and other families,” Al-Manfouhi said. He pointed out that the problem of housing singles in the midst of residential neighborhoods is like a ticking time bomb and stressed that the municipality had to address this phenomenon by finding alternatives and building housing for workers.