Balloons to provide internet over areas in Amazon rainforest

A new commercial agreement signed between Internet Para Todos Perú and Loon, an undertaking by Google’s parent company Alphabet, aims to provide mobile internet connectivity to parts of the Amazon rainforest in Peru starting in 2020.

Internet Para Todos Perú, a mobile infrastructure operator that is working to bring internet connectivity to remote populations in Latin America, will use the high-altitude internet balloons operated by Loon to beam internet from Spain-based Telefónica to an area where over 200,000 people live. Internet Para Todos Perú is partly owned by Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

Loon and Telefónica have worked together in Peru before, but that was in response to the El Niño floods in northern Peru in 2017 and during the 8.0 earthquake that hit Peru in May of this year. The new deployment will make Peru the first country in Latin America to use high-altitude balloons to provide internet connectivity “on a sustained, non-emergency basis.”

This is Loon’s third commercial contract, following one for a commercial trial in partnership Telkom Kenya and one with Telesat, a Canadian satellite company, to use Loon’s networking software to manage low Earth orbit satellites.