BDK launches Flash Mob for Social Cause

Blood donors Kerala (BDK), a social media fraternity solely engaged in promotion of voluntary blood donation, fosters continuous campaigns on voluntary blood donation awareness, in almost ten countries, across the globe, including Kuwait. Without information, most people will simply remain unaware of the blood transfusion service and the need for blood donation.

Effective donor communication strategies and educational materials is the most essential part of voluntary blood donation. Even if a blood center is attractive and well-located, only the most dedicated donors will attend unless they are encouraged to do so. BDK intervenes at this point and explores the possibilities of various social media platforms to reach to the donors and encourage them for frequent blood donation. Further, BDK runs campaigns at social functions, data collection desks at public gatherings and frequent blood donation camps and these have provided excellent opportunities for the propagation of the message of voluntary blood donation.

Last week, BDK Kuwait chapter opened a new phase of campaigning for education and motivational activities; the flash mob. The debut performance was at the venue of Kolathunadu Festival of Kannur Expatriates Association (KEA), in a packed audience, which was held at Naughtingham English School Auditorium, Jeleeb Al Shuwaik, on 18 October,2019. The flamboyant performance had intrigued the spectator’s curiosity so deeply and that was quite evident from the positive responses and queries from the public. BDK Kuwait Chapter, with the cooperation of the central blood bank, will continue the flash mob performances in malls and public functions, as it is an effective tool for spreading the significance of voluntary blood donation.

BDK aims to address the challenge of ensuring both a sufficient supply and the quality and safety of blood and blood products for patients whose lives or wellbeing depends on blood transfusion, through voluntary blood donation. Voluntary donors are recognized to be the safest donors because they are motivated by altruism and the desire to help others and by a sense of moral duty or social responsibility.

Any organizations, who wish to add BDK services like information desks and flash mob at their functions, or wish to run a donation camp may contact 6999 7588 / 6930 2536.